RUPALIT® Safety HF litz wires with triple insulation will revolutionise the design of your transformer.

Maximize safety minimize costs.

Technical and economic benefits:

  • 50% reduction in the size of transformers
  • 65% reduction in the weight of transformers
  • No intermittent insulation required
  • No inter-layer insulation required
  • Integrated creepage and clearances distances
  • No compound sealing required
  • Considerably reduced winding time

Examples of application:

  • HF transformers
  • Switch mode power supplies


  • Reinforced insulation with 3 layers of sealed foil
  • Enamel-insulated copper wires (magnet wire)(0.02-1.6 mm, 13-52 AWG)
  • Conductor cross-section conforming to DIN / IEC or customer requirements

Insulation material:

  • Polyester foil (25), (Mylar©)
  • Polyethylenenapthalat (PEN), Teonex©
  • Polyimide foil (27), (Kapton©)

 reg.-no.: 122034


DIN EN 60950-1/A12

DIN EN 60065

DIN EN 61558-1/A1

DIN EN 60601-1


Working Voltage:

max. 600 Vrms

max. 1000 Vpeak