RUPALIT® Profile litz wires in square or rectangular shape make optimum use of available winding space.

Cut wasted space in windings.

Technical and economic benefits:

  • 65-80% copper fill factor
  • Optimum number of winding layers
  • Formless coils (self bonding wire/acetate silk)
  • also available in RUPALIT® Safety

Examples of application:

  • HF transformers
  • Switch mode power supplies


  • Enamel-insulated copper wires (magnet wire)(0.02-1.6 mm 13-52 AWG)
  • Conductor cross-section acc. to DIN / IEC standard or customer requirements

Insulation material:

as electrical and mechanical protection

  • Polyamide yarn (63), (Nylon©)
  • Polyester foil (25), (Mylar©)
  • Polyethylenenapthalat (PEN), (Teonex©)
  • Polyimide foil (27), (Kapton©)
  • Aramide paper (Nomex©)
  • Acetate silk

Other materials available on request.