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RUPATEX®, class B will revolutionize your transformer design.

Maximize safety, minimize costs

Technical and economic benefits:

  • Tinned by solder dipping, mechanical stripping unnecessary
  • Insulation between primary and secondary winding not required
  • Creepage and leakage distances are included in the wire
  • Considerably faster winding time
  • Small quantities available

Examples of application:

  • Schottky diodes / Output rectifiers


  • Enamel insulated copper wires (magnet wire) (0,2 - 1,0mm, AWG 14-24) + triple insulation acc. with IEC 60950
  • Other diameters available on request

Isolation material:


UL-NR.: E257248

IEC 60950


Reg-Nr. D254:


DIN EN 60950-1 
DIN EN 60065 
DIN EN 61558-1 
DIN EN 61558-2-16 
DIN EN 60601

Working voltage:
max. 1000 Vrms 
max. 1410 Vpeak